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Natural Disasters, Are Your Clients Prepared?

Preparing your clients for hurricanes, flooding, and natural disasters is essential. Not only can it minimize the negative impact on your clients’ organizations, it also reduces the stress it causes you! On average natural disasters are costing over $20 billion, but does that number include the time and effort you put into your accounts. Imagine getting a call from your client saying, “We were able to save our equipment & everyone is safe” instead of “We lost everything, how can we recover from this!” The Risk Management Division at ISA has developed resources for you to handout to your clients. Resources that help prepare, endure, and take appropriate actions following a storm. Prior to a storm ever making landfall, it is essential for Human and Social Service organizations to establish an effective safety plan focused around keeping those that they serve safe and prepared with essential daily needs. Once a storm passes through, a second wave of responsibilities starts to get your clients back to normal. We have included three of our risk management and loss control resources. Contact for pieces specific to the natural disasters your accounts can encounter.

Download these resources to share with your clients
Hurricane Disaster Preparedness & Recovery; Elements of an effective plan
Be Prepared for the Hurricane resource
Hurricane Quick Tips resource
After The Storm resource

Coverage Corner

Understanding Business Income Coverage
It is important to understand the coverage provided in your clients Business Income coverage before suffering a loss. Business Income losses often require more time to settle, as compared to other property losses, due to the confusion surrounding coverage availability. Coverage available to insureds through the Irwin Siegel Agency Human Service program are addressed below…

Business Income & Extra Expense
When the organization suffers direct physical loss or damage to the described premises that are the result of a covered cause of loss, there is coverage for Business Income and Extra Expense that results from the loss.
The Business Income and Extra Expense limit are determined by the insured when the policy is quoted. Coverage is provided until the insured premises repairs are completed or until the business income limit is exhausted.

ISA also offers Extended Business Income Coverage which begins on the date the property is repaired, rebuilt, or replaced and operations are resumed. Coverage ends on the date operations can be restored generating the amount of business income that existed prior to the business income loss, or 360 days after the property is repaired, rebuilt, or replaced and operations resume, whichever date occurs first. Coverage extends the period of recovery only, it does not increase the limit of insurance for business income.

Below are the Business Income Resources
Understanding Business Income Coverage
Business Income Insurance Checklist
Business Continuation Expense- Insurance Worksheet

Siegel Difference

Hurricane Protection Unit
AIG Private Client Group provides a complimentary risk management service to policy holders for hands-on help when it’s most needed. AIG loss control specialists conduct pre-storm on-site evaluations as well as assist in the event of a claim.
Click here to view the Hurricane Protection Unit Brochures.
AIG Hurricane Protection Unit brochure
AIG Hurricane Preparedness Checklist brochure


Siegel Secrets to Success

Is Your Agency or Brokerage Prepared?  Hurricane & Flood Preparation Tips:

As you are engulfed in preparing your clients we want to ensure that you are prepared for the storm.  Here is a quick list for you:

  • Communicate to your clients detailed emergency information including phone/email and 24-hour contact information
  • Ensure you have all of your client information and claim #’s readily available in your phone and in paper versions in case of power loss
  • Charge all phones so insureds are able to reach you in case of an emergency
  • Test and charge cameras to ensure they are in working order and secure back-up batteries to record client damages
  • Prep your office if you’re in the line of a storm, this can include:
    • remove electronics from your office or if they must stay, place equipment at least four feet off of the floor
    • pack your laptops, wiring, and extra batteries
    • ensure you have a backup of all your computer files at an off-site location
    • create an evacuation plan for office staff
  • Prep generators and review all manuals for safety
  • Stock bottled water, office supplies & cleaning supplies in water tight containers to minimize contamination or damage
  • Create a phone chain or list of office personal who will be contacted during and after the event
  • Shut off utilities or discuss utility handling with the owner if renting your space
  • Test all carbon monoxide and fire alarms for proper working order


Following these and other preparation tips will help your brokerage or agency be alert when your accounts need you most.

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