Insurance Services and Risk Management

Irwin Siegel Agency (ISA) is the leading provider of insurance services and risk management solutions within the Social and Human Service Field, insuring service providers in all fifty states. Founded by Irwin Siegel in 1960 and located in Rock Hill, NY, ISA set the standard for package insurance policies nationwide. In 1983, through our involvement with a local chapter of the New York State Association for Retarded Citizens, now known as The ARC of New York, ISA designed the very first property and casualty insurance package specifically for non-profit providers serving individuals with disabilities.

Under the leadership of CEO Howard Siegel since 2000, ISA continuously raises the bar on quality, creativity, and timeliness in developing new programs that meet the changing needs of Social and Human Service Provider Organizations. Our Developmental Disabilities Program continues to be the cornerstone of the agency’s Human Service programs today.

Package Programs include coverage for Human and Social Services, Developmental Disability Organizations, Addiction Treatment, and Behavioral / Mental Healthcare Organizations, Community Action Agencies, Child Care and Early Learning Providers, Youth Programs, and other social service organizations providing care or therapy.

Irwin Siegel Agency’s exclusive Risk Management Division develops and provides specialized resources to assist our insureds in managing risk and controlling losses. Led by VP Brad G. Storey, MSW, all of our team members come from a social service background, giving them a unique perspective of the day-to-day challenges provider agencies face when it comes to managing risk.

We offer loss control training seminars, webinars from industry leaders, and teleconferences that address pertinent, field-related issues. An extensive video lending library, printed resources, online training, partner services, and consultations only touch the surface of what is available to our insureds.

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The Siegel Difference™

Working with us is different. As a Program Administrator, we work continually to provide new and innovative insurance services and risk management tools. We are dedicated to offering exceptional quality of service and competitive products to empower each organization we serve with the freedom and support to grow with changing times. We provide an unparalleled level of support and significant value beyond coverage that keeps us a step ahead—and a cut above—typical insurance providers.

In today’s hard market, the value that we add to each insurance transaction is indispensable to the brokers who partner with us. ISA is the leading resource for the placement of specific and unique risks.