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Irwin Siegel Agency is the premier Program Administrator of insurance products and risk management solutions for Human and Social Service Organizations. We are constantly developing new programs to meet the dynamic nature of the field. Our specialties include Developmental Disability Organizations, Addiction Treatment and Behavioral / Mental Healthcare, Child Care and Early Learning Providers, Youth Programs, and more.

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Comprehensive Insurance Programs

Our insurance options are tailored for organizations in the Human and Social Services field. Involvement with current issues and analysis of program trends allows us to be proactive and responsive to the needs of our insureds. Click on any of the programs below to learn more.

What our INSUREDS and AGENTS are saying…

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Dennis Mattson, PhDIndependent Options, Inc.
We were recently involved in a complicated liability claim involving an injury to a child. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement as a direct result of Mr. John McKeon who provided legal representation though ISA. Without Mr. McKeon, we would have been looking at protracted legal proceedings and all the emotional drainage, wasted time, and wasted resources that involved. What a great attorney — thanks ISA!"
Jim HarwoodBear Insurance
I am pleased to note my satisfaction with the high standard of service given by Irwin Siegel Agency. This is a company with integrity and values focusing on providing the utmost levels of customer satisfaction. Irwin Siegel Agency is dedicated to establishing a long term, client-focused relationship, where honesty is paramount."
I have worked with Irwin Siegel Agency since 2000 and it has been a rewarding experience. Product knowledge, responsiveness, and ease of doing business are key factors in their operation. As a retail agent, it is vitally important to build relationships with program managers who consistently prove themselves."
Jennifer Torres-ZimmermanIntegro USA Inc.
Irwin Siegel Agency is always our first go to market and we really like working with you and the rest of the Irwin Team."
Maria GanoeIntegro USA Inc.
Thank you so much for the time you give [our] accounts. They are a lot of work but you give it 100%"