Comprehensive Property and Casualty Insurance for

Developmental Disability Providers

For over 40 years, we’ve been the leading name in property and casualty insurance for Human Service agencies, specifically insurance for Intellectual and Developmental Disability Service Providers. Our involvement in field-related issues has enabled us to guide insureds through major shifts in the field and develop loss control solutions to proactively address challenges and emerging risks.

Enhancing the quality of life, inclusion and independence. These are some of the ways we measure success for those that we serve in the Intellectual / Developmentally Disabled Community. Services and support comes in many forms and include assistance with community living, employment, education, rehabilitation, medication, leisure, and health. Supports are planned with the individual, their family, and field professionals, while customarily overseen by state and federal bodies.

Read below to learn more about Coverage Highlights, Eligibility Requirements, and Submission Guidelines.


  • Replacement Cost, Agreed Amount & Blanket Limit
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Earthquake & Flood available
  • Emergency Vacating Expense
  • Client Monies & Securities included
  • Room Reserve
  • Business Income / Extra Expense
  • Extermination Expense to $5k

General Liability
(Occurrence & Claims made available)

  • $1M / 3M Limits Standard
  • Fundraising Events including Liquor Liability
  • Broad Additional Insured included
  • Medical Payments up to $25k available
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Separate, Dedicated Abuse Limits
  • Abuse & Molestation for Employee / Client / 3rd Party
  • Aggregate per Location Endorsement
  • Crisis Response
  • Defense outside the Limits
  • No binding arbitration endorsement
  • HIPAA *where available


  • Up to $25M limits
  • Broad coverage over GL, PL, Abuse & Auto
  • $10k Minimum Retention (SIR)


  • Employee Theft
  • Forgery or Alteration
  • Fraudulent Impersonation Coverage
  • Exposure for In-Home Service Providers
  • Clients Property for Janitorial Contracts

Inland Marine Form

  • Blanket EDP Coverages
  • Builder’s Risk Coverage available
  • Scheduled Equipment

Professional Liability
(Occurrence & Claims made available)

  • $1M / 3M Limits Standard
  • Employed and Contracted Professionals
  • Independent Contractors (excluding MDs)
  • Vicarious Liability of Doctors
  • Primary Care Clinics Covered, if eligible
  • Psychiatrist, Psychologist Coverage

Commercial Auto

  • $1M Combined Single Limit Liability
  • Employees as Insured
  • Non-Owned / Hired Auto
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage
  • Auto Loan / Lease Gap (where available)
  • $50 Towing Limit for Private Passenger Vehicles
  • Drive Other Car – Executive Officers
  • Rental Reimbursement available
  • UM / UIM Coverage
  • Activity Centers for Disabled Persons
  • Adult Day Care Centers
  • Arcs
  • Cerebral Palsy Associations
  • Companion Services for Disabled Persons
  • Day Programs
  • Developmental Disability Service Providers
  • Disability Support Groups
  • Early Intervention
  • Job Placement and Job Coaching
  • Medical Clinics and FQHCs
  • Residential Care Facilities (ICF, IRA, Supported Living)
  • Vocational Training Centers
  • Brochure or Website
  • Application (ISA will work off another carrier’s application or our own)
  • 5 years currently valued company loss runs with expiring premiums
  • ACORDs or Coverage Requirements
  • Audited Financials or 1120 Income Tax Returns (if For-Profit)
  • Drivers List
  • Financials or Pro-Forma Statement
  • Resume for Executive Director (showing 3-5 years experience)
  • Business Plan

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