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Behavioral / Mental Health

Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance Market Disruptions seem to be everywhere… except at ISA
Irwin Siegel Agency has been providing Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance solutions for decades. Our package program offered through industry leader CHUBB® provides your clients with some of the most comprehensive coverages in the industry.
Organizations practicing within the mental and behavioral health professional field must adhere to the strictest standards of ethical and moral behavior. They provide individuals and families whose lives have been affected by behavioral health and mental health concerns the comprehensive care that will provide maximum relief from their symptoms and help make the greatest possible improvements in their quality of life. We protect those organizations.
Our Behavioral/Mental Healthcare program is a property and casualty insurance package designed for organizations that provide psychiatric and mental health counseling through residential and outpatient treatment programs. These programs assist people in need of behavioral health services while focusing on recovery as the ultimate objective.
While thinking of places to sell insurance to, include the following:

  • Residential Facilities
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Community Case Management Organizations

Call ISA today with all of your questions, Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance Expertise at your Fingertips.

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Coverage Corner

Professional Liability
Our professional Liability Coverage includes Psychiatrists! They’re Covered! Peace of mind for facility psychiatrists.
Irwin Siegel Agency continues to offer your accounts professional liability coverage for facility psychiatrists through A++ rated CHUBB®. Not all packages are created equal. Learn the features of ISA’s Professional Liability Insurance Coverage.
Professional Liability Coverage Features:

  • Employed Professionals- Broad coverage to include psychiatrists and most other professionals
  • Executive Director or Administrator- Physician acting as medical director is covered
  • Investigation & Defense of “Disciplinary Proceedings”
  • Unintentional Failure to Disclose

Read more about the coverage highlights.

Siegel Difference

Compliance or Opportunity? Understanding Cyber Security in the Health and Human Services Sector.
This article is by Brad Storey, VP of Risk Management at Irwin Siegel Agency. It featured in Insurance Journal; February 5, 2018 | National | page 26 & 27

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Dedicated Underwriters

Laura Gregones | Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.Laura Gregones, Senior Underwriter
Laura has been an insurance industry professional since 1999. She has served in many capacities with a focus on underwriting insurance programs designed specifically for Child Care and Early Learning centers. Laura holds the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation and has earned several awards for team work and customer service. Laura is passionate about providing excellent service and applying her knowledge to help others. She is especially excited to join Irwin Siegel Agency as a Senior Underwriter expanding her career in the Social and Human Services industry. Laura keeps busy with two young sons, and loves to camp, bike and Kayak with the family. She also enjoys reading and spending time at the beach.
Contact Laura at 800.622.8272 ext 5572 and


Siegel Secrets to Success

Selling Insurance to Nonprofits
Social Service Agencies exist in nearly every community. Agents and brokers who take time to understand how Nonprofits and Social/Human Service organizations operate, along with their unique needs and exposures, can build relationships and become trusted insurance partners – the key to long-term success in this market.

Be Patient: Nonprofit Agencies exhibit a higher than normal loyalty to the people they do business with, which may include their existing broker and carrier. It takes patience and persistence to win the business.

Learn the Language: When marketing a Nonprofit risk, take time to understand the terminology and language they use when discussing their programs and the people they serve can make a difference in winning or losing the business.
Get Involved: Once you identify Nonprofit accounts in your community (prospects), find out when they have fundraisers and get involved. If you or your staff are interested in doing volunteer work, volunteer for the prospect on behalf of your agency.

Know What’s Important: Sell the important coverage and advise on the coverages that are fluff. This will assist you when you are up against a carrier that has a lot of bells and whistles on their property enhancement but is lacking coverage on the liability lines.

Partner with Experts: When you work with a Specialist like Irwin Siegel Agency on your Social Service and Nonprofit accounts, you benefit from years of underwriting expertise.

Since 1960, ISA has experience underwriting Nonprofit agencies, we can assist you by providing co-branded marketing, leads in your area and coverage comparisons with your competition so that you come out the winner.

Download the flyer – “Siegel Secrets to Success” Selling Insurance to Nonprofits.

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