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You Support Others. We Are Here to Support YOU.

Insurance is something many of us take for granted… until we need it. When you select insurance coverage, you should be looking for a partner who will support your mission, not just another vendor that you pay for a service.

With Irwin Siegel Agency, you not only get a partner, but one who truly understands your business. 30% of ISA’s current employees have direct experience working directly with social and human service organizations. You probably wouldn’t trust your plumber to keep up with tax laws and file your tax returns, so why would you trust the protection of your agency to someone who isn’t familiar with your operations?

Factor in our extensive experience, dedicated staff, claims handling ability, risk management resources, training discounts and all the other services we offer outside of your policy, and you’ll understand why we offer significant value above coverage. Expect nothing less.

View our programs or ask your broker to contact us today.

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