Kaleidoscope: March 2018

The industry focus for today’s brokers- March 29, 2018 High Net Worth Homeowner Did You Know Your Book May Already Be Full of High Net Worth Homeowner Clients? Business owners, Executive Directors, Corporate clients, these are people with homes, cars, yachts, and valuable collections that need insurance coverages. There are TON$ of potential clients already at [...]

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Ford Motor Company Issues Two N.A. Safety Recalls

DEARBORN, Mich., March 14, 2018 – "Ford Motor Company is issuing two safety recalls in North America." The safety of your employees and those you serve is of our utmost concern. Please be advised that Ford has recently announced a recall of 2014-2018 Ford Fusions. The Risk Management Division at ISA would like all of [...]

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Kaleidoscope: February 2018

The industry focus for today’s brokers- February 27, 2018 Behavioral / Mental Health Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance Market Disruptions seem to be everywhere... except at ISA Irwin Siegel Agency has been providing Behavioral/Mental Health Insurance solutions for decades. Our package program offered through industry leader CHUBB® provides your clients with some of the most comprehensive coverages in [...]

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Compliance or Opportunity?

Understanding Cyber Security in Health and Human Services Sector By Brad Storey | February 5, 2018 If you live outside of New York State and haven’t heard of the New York State Department of Financial Services 23 NYCRR Part 500 (DFS 500), you should pay very close attention. Earlier this year, New York implemented the [...]

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Exciting News from ISA

Stronger Than Ever. Good news travels fast. Some of you may have already heard that Irwin Siegel Agency has become part of the Ryan Specialty Group family, and we couldn’t be happier. For us, and more importantly you, that means business as usual. ISA will continue to be ISA! You can continue to expect the [...]

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Kaleidoscope: January 2018

The industry focus for today’s brokers- January 24, 2018 Child Care & Early Learning Opportunities Abound! with Child Care & Early Learning Revenue across the day care industry is projected to reach $48.9 billion in 2018. Opportunity awaits and ISA is always looking to bring the highest quality package programs to the market and our newest [...]

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Grow your support for Men’s Health month!

Attention Brokers! In honor of Men's Health Month, Irwin Siegel Agency will donate 1% of Siegel’s commission, in your name, for any new Social/Human Service Package written in the month of November! Talk to our program specialists today. Learn about how you, can make a difference by raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health. Our [...]

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Hurricanes: Guidelines for Preparedness, Food Safety and After the Storm Recovery.

At irwin siegel, the risk management division is tracking the current weather patterns and gathering our resources in the event a hurricane disaster occurs. Safety is our top priority and we are here to help. In anticipation of the hurricane, it is our goal to ensure your organization has an effective safety and preparedness plan in place. [...]

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Come to Booth #311 at CAP’s 2017 Annual Convention

Irwin Siegel Agency will be participating in the 2017 Community Action Partnership’s Annual Convention at the Philadelphia’s Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia PA on August 29 through September 1. Come see Ken Chappell, AVP Business Development, in booth #311 and hear more about the only partnership endorsed program specialized in insuring CAA’s! At Irwin Siegel Agency, we [...]

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Ford Issues Safety Recalls in North America

The safety of your employees and those you serve is of our utmost concern. Please be advised that Ford has recently announced a recall of 2015-2017 Ford Transit van/bus vehicles. Our records indicate that many of our clients have one of these vehicles. If you were not already aware or if you need further information, [...]

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