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Foster Care / Adoption Agencies

Organizations Dedicated to Serving Children

Foster Care / Adoption Agencies

Our program for Foster Care and Adoption Agencies addresses the unique insurance and loss control issues facing this segment. The program is geared on programs demonstrating high quality of service and dedication to children served, proper policies and procedures in place, established best practices and respective loss history.

Program Features

Program Features

  • Package programs include Property, Auto, General Liability , Professional Liability, Abuse and Umbrella
  • General Liability, Professional Liability and Abuse coverage will be on non-admitted paper.
  • General Liability Occurrence, Professional and Abuse claims made
  • Abuse coverage limits up to $1,000,000
  • Additional coverage options available for Youth Accident, Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers Liability, including Liability Coverage for Employment Practices
  • Risk Management and Loss Control services and resources included
  • On-line training for employees, foster families and volunteers teach best practices and address field related topics, such as, effects of abuse, protecting foster parents from false allegations, hazing and bullying prevention and various methods to keep children safe and ensure beneficial home visits
Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

  • Brochure or Website
  • Application (ISA will work off another carrier's application or our own)
  • 5 years currently valued company loss runs with expiring premiums
  • ACORDs or Coverage Requirements
  • Audited Financials or 1120 Income Tax Returns (if For-Profit)
  • Drivers list

Additional Requirements for Start-Ups:

  • Financials or Pro-Forma Statement
  • Resume for Executive Director (showing 3-5 years experience)
  • Business Plan



Before downloading and signing any insurance applications, make sure that you know your state’s fraud warnings.

Required Applications:

Package Supplements: Please complete the appropriate supplement below and include the Sexual Abuse Supplement


Other Coverage Needs:

As the field evolves, so does our program. We stay abreast of legal, social, medical, and technological changes that can affect your success. Policies available include:

For more information please contact us by phone at 1.800.622.8272.